This is the archival term for where the record can be found in the catalogue structure. The levels most frequently used in the catalogues are listed below:

Fonds level

The whole of the collection, this provides an introduction to the items within. The fonds level description provides an overview of the contents of the collection and, if known, a brief history of the individual or organisation that created the records and/or brought this collection together.

Series level

A series of records within the collection. For example, minute books, correspondence, or photographs.

Item level

One item within the series. This could be a single volume, letter or photograph, for example.

Reference Number

This is the unique number that identifies the collection. Each item within the collection will also have a reference number and this should be stated if you are requesting to view a specific item.


This field provides information about the quantity of material which is being described (e.g. 2 boxes, 1 volume, 3 items).

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